Elena had an interest for the plastic arts and painting at a young age, showing her creative capacity using acrylic and pastel techniques, having her first collective art exhibit at 8 years old.

Her interest on this subject through out her life has made her expand her knowledge in the plastic arts and established herself as a first class artist.
Her professional formation as an architect has led her to study different courses in other countries such as “Designing Spaces” in Cambridge University or “The study of color and expression” in Belgrano University Argentina and finally complementing her art studies in Mexico.

In the most recent years, she has focused on the oil and acrylic techniques developing her art in 3 major areas: Figurative abstract, urban landscape and custom made paintings.

Art for Elena is a basic part of her life, her way of expressing events, ideas, thoughts and emotions. Through her paintings, she lets the spectator finish using the imagination, figures that are not complete, imagine scenes or landscapes depending on their own experiences. It is art subject to the interpretation.